8 Deadpool Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Deadpool Facts : He’s here and he’s a major success!

The hilarious smart-ass, katana-swinging, chimichanga-eating anti-hero, is winning over hearts everywhere with his new film, which brought about plenty of Deadpool Facts and trivia tidbits to share.

Warning! Spoilers for ‘Deadpool’ ahead!

Deadpool Facts: 11 years in the making

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is such a big fan of the Deadpool character that he has been trying to get the Deadpool movie made for 11 years! The studios finally allowed the film to be made after the unanimous positive fan reception to the leaked test footage. Ultimately, Reynolds decided to take a pay cut just to make sure the movie comes out. Now that’s dedication!

With the recent news of a sequel already being in the works, we can count on plenty more trivia facts to come.

Deadpool Facts: Short Shoot

deadpool drawing

Even though the film took a good 11 years of convincing to make, had several locations, carefully choreographed action scenes, and an hour and forty minutes of footage to shoot, Deadpool was shot in only 48 days!

Deadpool Facts: A Friendly Face

deadpool bob agent of hydraDuring the end battle scene, Deadpool runs across an enemy soldier who he recognizes as Bob from Jacksonville. This is a reference to a HYDRA agent named Bob that Deadpool has worked alongside many times. Seeing as HYDRA is currently Marvel property, he just appears in the movie as Bob.

Deadpool Facts: Going Out With A Bang!

deadpool green laternRyan Reynolds has stated that after X-Men: Origins and Green Lantern, Deadpool will be the last comic book character he would portray. However, that doesn’t mean that Deadpool is going to be his last comic book movie. He said that he is eager to return for any Deadpool sequels!

Deadpool Facts: Creator Cameo

ryan reynolds Rob LiefeldIn Sister Margaret’s School For Wayward Children, a man can be heard yelling “F*** Liefeld” as Wade Wilson passes by. That man is none other than Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool.

Deadpool Facts: Too Many Muscles

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds body muscles workoutIn order to get the perfect superhero (or rather antihero) look, Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool outfit with fitted with a ‘muscle layer’. However, Reynolds was so muscular already that the suit was too tight, so they decided to remove the layer.

Deadpool Facts: Arachnophobia

Deadpool Gina Carano angel dustGina Carano, who played the super-strong mutant Angel Dust, was fine with the stunts that she had to do in the junkyard fight scene. She instead was worried about finding any spiders on-set.

Deadpool Facts: First Time’s the Charm

ryan-reynolds-tim-miller-deadpoolThough you won’t be able to tell when you watch it, Deadpool is director Tim Miller‘s first shot at the directing chair. That’s a hell of a directing career headstart, Tim!

What is your favorite part of the movie?

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8 Deadpool Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know

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