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We Came As Romans

The members of We Came As Romans are no strangers to the post-hardcore music scene. With runs on festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, South by So What?! Music Fest, HellFest and many more, it’s no surprise that the band had a prime stage time at this years Welcome to Rockville Music Festival. DHN-Tv had the chance to sit down with Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone to talk about their current tour and what they’ve been up to recently.

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Kyle Pavon of We Came As Romans

DHN-Tv: We’re here with We Came As Romans.

WCAR: Dude. This is making me miss my boat SO bad. Seeing all these boats cruising around, I want my boat so bad.

DHN-Tv: No doubt. It’s awesome. So you guys are on the Band vs. Food tour right now. How sick is that tour? I mean the name alone is pretty bad ass.

WCAR: Yah! I mean, us and Memphis May Fire are co-headlining. We’ve known them for years, and it’s always something we’ve talked about doing just never got around to it. So we finally, were like well maybe we’ll do it, maybe, maybe and finally we were just like NO. Let’s do it, so we made it happen. We just added bands that we’re friends with to it. We’ve been friends with Miss May I for probably 6 or 7 years, same thing with For Today. It’s cool that it all came together the way we wanted it to. What’s unique about it is the fact for VIP’s and stuff- like a lot of meet-and-greets we’ve done in the past, and bands do now a days, instead of standing in line, shaking some hands and taking some pictures- they go through the line, get their stuff signed and then we just pull out a bunch of food and throw down and eat together. It’s a little more relaxed. Everyone gets to talk to us for a few minutes, and we get to go around and meet everyone that way. Talk about the food, hang out sort of thing. It’s awesome.

DHN-Tv: So, sort of like a family vibe to it?

WCAR: Yeah, for like an hour you’re just bro’n down with these fans, and it’s cool because they get to share their stories with you and they have a little more time to talk to you and get to know you. It’s really cool. Our shows have been packed, we can’t really ask for more.

DHN-Tv: That’s sick. So you guys just dropped a new music video, Memories, recently. The recording process and everything, how’s the response been on that?

WCAR: It’s been a cool response, it’s not really a normal video that we’ve done before. We thought we’d compile a bunch of stuff we did on Warped Tour. It had a good theme to it, and it was really cool how it came together. Our buddy Carlo did a really good job on that video. Watching it, you’re like Damn, it really fits the song. For sure. We’re all having a blast and it’s really cool. We just wanted to how people, the song itself is about making memories while you can, before the summers over or before whatever ends. So it’s cool to make a video to show all the good times we had and the memories we made.

DHN-Tv: Definitely. Kind of like a behind the scenes sort of thing.

WCAR: Yeah, and we think it helped the fans understand the song a little bit more. What the song is there for and what it’s about.

DHN-TV: So, do you guys have any new music coming out soon?

WCAR: Nothing yet, no. We’re going to take to the studio sometime this year, do a little bit of writing. We’re trying to do what we did on the last record, and really focus on writing versus doing it on the road. We already wrote a few songs, but you know we’re still kind of deciding on the direction for the record, so the writing we’ve been doing is more to stay sharp with it I guess. As of this summer, we’re really gunna start dialing down and figuring out what we want, who we want to do it with. It’s all still in the brainstorming phase. Definitely this year though.

“We’re trying to do what we did on the last record, and really focus on writing”

DHN-TV: So after the Band vs. Food tour, do you guys have any other tours coming up? Europe? Anything?

WCAR: Yah! We’ve only been out for two weeks right now, and I think we have another three weeks on this tour. And then, we have ONE day off and then we jump on a plane and head over to Europe and do the whole festival run there for a month. So yeah, we’ve got a busy summer. We’ve already been busy and we have another two months of it.

DHN-TV: Well, your set today was amazing like always, a lot of fun. Thanks so much for taking your time out today to hang out!


Make sure to check out the guys in We Came As Romans out on their Band vs. Food tour!

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Digital Hype Artist Interview: We Came As Romans

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