Digital Hype Artist Interview: Memphis May Fire

Let us introduce to you: Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire has been burning up with hardcore scene as of lately. (Wow. what an awful pun) Playing Welcome to Rockville on a day off of their current tour, Bands vs. Food, we recently  had the chance to sit down with Matty Mullins and discuss the idea behind the current tour and what the band has in store for the rest of the year.Memphis May Fire

DHN-TV: So you guys are from Dallas?

Matty: Yah, the band originally formed in Dallas, but we live in Nashville now.

DHN-TV: Why the transition?

Matty: You know, we kinda all grew up and went our separate ways, then three of us ended up back in Nashville . We just love it. It’s a great place to live.

DHN-TV: So you guys are on tour right now, it’s called Band vs. Food, it’s a pretty sick name for a tour.

Matty: Yah man! It’s so dope. Every day for the meet and greet, we’re having a different restaurant in that city cater to the meet and greet. It’s such a cool idea and the fans are loving it. It’s with Miss May I, For Today and We Came as Romans. Such a STAKED bill. It’s unreal.

DHN-TV: How’s the tour so far? It’s just starting.

Matty: Yah, we’re only about 5 days in, so every show has been massive. So sick. We’re really having a good time.

DHN-TV: So you guys are nominated for some Alternative Press Music Awards…

Matty: Our guitarist, Kellen, is nominated for guitarist of the year, and we’re really stoked about that.

DHN-TV: It’s gotta be awesome having someone of that caliber to be on your team. So do you guys have any new music coming out soon?

Matty: We actually just finished up a new record! It’s currently being mixed, probably will be coming out in September/October. Some really exciting guest vocalists- so look out for those announcements!

DHN-TV: Same sound as now? A little bit different? A mix of everything?

Matty: It’s definitely a little bit different. It’s still a Memphis May Fire record. It’s more rock-driven and straight-forward than ever, but it’s got a lot of energy to it. A TON of energy to it.

“…more rock driven and straight-forward than ever…and A TON of energy”

DHN-TV: Since you guys are in Jacksonville, at Welcome To Rockville, how do you guys feel about this festival compared to other festivals?

Matty: Dude! This festival is awesome! Aside from the blistering heat while we were on stage, it’s amazing. We love getting to Jacksonville on Warped Tour, and getting to Jacksonville on festivals like this because it’s different. We get to play to people who haven’t seen, or even heard of us, before on these rock festival circuits. That’s pretty much what we love about this festival.

Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire

DHN-TV: Do you guys have any big tours coming up later this year after the Bands v. Food Tour?

Matty: We just finished a tour will Killswitch [Engage] and started this tour immediately, and then we go to Europe from Slam Dunk festival, and then we’re off for a little while. Our next tour hasn’t been announced yet.

DHN-TV: So something for fans to look forward to?

Matty: Definitely! Probably like a September/ October tour. A lot of everywhere.

DHN-TV: Alright, well thanks for hanging out with us, is there anything else you wanna add?

Matty: No problem man! If you haven’t checked out the Unconditional: Deluxe Reissue, please go check it out! Two new songs, acoustic versions. We’re really proud of it!


Make sure to check out Unconditional: Deluxe, and catch Memphis May Fire in your city on the Bands vs. Food tour now!

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Digital Hype Artist Interview: Memphis May Fire

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