Digital Hype Artist: Pentatonix

Let us introduce to you, Pentatonix.

If you were thinking that Pitch Perfect was the extent of acapella, then let me tell you- you are extremely misinformed. Formed in 2011, and then shortly after winning NBC’s Sing-Off, Pentaonix has only been moving on up in the musical world.

While attending their second tour stop in Orlando, Florida on April 14th, it was easy to see how they are the 44th most subscribed to channel on Youtube and how they made it to a number one Billboard spot – not too mention they have TWO Grammy awards were incredibly deserved – really.

Before they even took to the stage, the entire arena was chanting PTX while shining flashlights from their cellphones in anticipation. When the curtain dropped, you could almost hear the jaws drop to the floor. With an insane graphics and light intro, Pentatonix opened up their 1 1/2 hour long set with their original song Cracked and then segued into fan favorites including the hit Cheerleader. Performing their first ever original radio single, Can’t Sleep Love – it was beyond obvious that these fans were NUTS about ‘PTX’.

In and out of different types of melodies it is hard not to be incredibly mesmerized by this group and what they’re bringing to the table. If you were to ever doubt that acapella groups could be top 40 hits, make it a point to see them on this tour. INCREDIBLE.

Opening night of the #PTXWorldTour in Sunrise, FL last night! 📸: @leaveswillharm

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The Orlando stop was a steady set-list of originally arranged favorites, (cough, cough) the evolution of Michael Jackson mashup, and Pentatonix originals that had the entire arena audience singing along the entire hour and a half.

I know what you’re thinking. Accapella? Isn’t that for those kids in college? Well, one – Wrong. Two – they feel the same way. Mitch Grassi of the group even stated, “I feel like we’re the nerdiest kids on earth, and you’re all here to see us!”

Performing their newest single, If I ever Fall in Love, featuring Jason Derulo (which the video just released) opening act Us The Duo joined in to pump up the crowd even more – which I wasn’t sure was even possible at this point.

As if they weren’t mesmerizing enough just doing what they normally do, member Kevin Olusola took to the stage solo for what he calls “celloboxing”, which is exactly what it sounds like. Cello playing while simultaneously beat-boxing. Out. Of. This. World. (I think this is the point in the night where I picked my jaw up off the arena floor…) Joining in on the group’s rendition of hits, Radioactive and Say Something, this cellboxing could-and did-take audience member’s breath away.

Don’t let two Grammy’s fool you, they’re still incredibly humble. During their original Misbehavin‘, the group hand-picked 5 audience members to join them on stage to hang out in bean-bag chairs, Snapchat and sing along. Did I mention that they made their own Snapchat filter? No? Well… they did. How cool is that!?

Ending the night with their Grammy-winning arrangement of Daft Punk, and encore of their own Sing, fans of all ages could be heard from outside of the arena going crazy for them. One fan went as far as to create their own light-up sign. Talk about dedication.

If you think singing along to the Pitch Perfects soundtracks is the most you’d ever enjoy acapella, I seriously encourage you to check out and then follow Pentatonix closely. With their increasing amount of original singles, it’s sure that these kids have a lot more than just cover songs upon the horizon. As they say – 10/10.

Catch Pentatonix on the rest of their tour and keep an eye on their YouTube channels for new singles!

What’s your favorite Pentatonix cover song?

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Digital Hype Artist: Pentatonix

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