Digital Hype Interview With Beartooth

Let us introduce to you : BEARTOOTH

Just Kidding. If you’re into hardcore, or “metal”, at all- you’ve heard of BEARTOOTH. Put on the map in 2014 by front-man Caleb Shom, their debut LP Disgusting and an incredibly successful run on Vans Warped Tour, led BEARTOOTH to become a band that should ALREADY be on your radar (even Alternative Press named them one of 16 bands to watch in 2016). Recently at Welcome to Rockville, we had the chance to sit down with Shomo, and guitarist Kamron Bradbury to talk about their current tour, the recording process of their upcoming album, Aggressive, and pesky internet rumors.

DHN-TV: What’s up guys, so you guys just played So What?! Music festival not too long ago. How was that experience for you guys?

Kamron: This is the second year we’ve done it, and it’s been sick both years. But it was definitely cool to see one of my favorite bands, Underoath, play that day too. Caleb: Yeah! It was just a great show.

DHN-Tv: They were so sick. So you guys have a new album coming out in June right?

Caleb: Yep! June 3rd

DHN-Tv: Is there anything special on that album that your fans should know about? Or is it pretty much what everyone is liking right now?

Caleb: I mean, it’s BEARTOOTH through and through, just wild rockin and big chorus’. Hopefully good! Sing-a-long stuff!

it’s BEARTOOTH through and through, just wild rockin

DHN-Tv: So you guys are on tour with Stray from the Path right now, it just started recently. How’s it been so far ?

Caleb: Yeah, it’s only been like 5 shows I think. It’s amazing! That band is awesome, all the other bands on it are great. It’s a lot of fun, we’re all really good friends. It’s a blast everyday.

DHN-Tv: That’s the best way to tour. You guys are nominated for THREE Alternative Press awards. How do you guys feel about that?

Caleb: Honored! Yeah, AP has always been really good to us. It’s an honor we got nominated for three different things. So, I don’t know…we’ll see how it turns out.
Kamron: It’s a little scary who we’re up against, but yah haha we’ll see how it works out.

DHN-Tv: Well, you guys have a huge fan base, so that should help a little bit. They’ll take care of it for ya. You guys are doing a few festival dates coming up, including some European dates, and a European tour this summer. What’re your expectations for that, if you have any?

Caleb: I don’t know! We’ve never done any Europe mainland festivals.
Kamron: Yeah, we did Download Festival last year, which was sick… But we’ve never played the like Germany festivals and all of that stuff.
Caleb: Yah, we’ll see how it goes. It should be cool!

DHN-Tv: So we actually know your new drummer, Connor, what’s the situation there? Is he just for now, or maybe a little more permanent? Fill us in.

Caleb: Yah, he’s the man! He’s doing the tour with us right now. Things just happened with our old drummer, and he’s the guy we called. He’s doing great, and we’re really happy with the situation right now.

DHN-Tv: So…recently I’ve seen some rumors on the Internet, HOPING it’s not true… about an old band and a new band coming together.

Caleb: That is ABSOLUTLY not true.

DHN-Tv: That’s what we were hoping to hear. We thought it would be terrible. You guys are killin it right now.

Caleb: Oh God no. It was some kid crackin a joke- and it actually was kind of funny. And then a bunch of people thought it was serious, which is TERRIFYING. God no. No we are NOT doing that. Haha

DHN-Tv: So, on the last two BEARTOOTH albums, Caleb, you produced them, and played all the instruments. How is that?

Caleb: It’s just what’s comfortable for me. I’ve been doing it since the beginning with the EP. It’s way better head space for me to write songs, when I’m kind of just locked away in my basement for a couple months. With like no distractions and just kind of alone.
Kamron: Yah, we chain him up down there.
Caleb: Yah he chains me up….whips come out. It gets a little dark hahaha. Nah, it’s just what’s comfortable.

DHN-Tv: Well, it’s working for you guys. It turns out amazing music. Thanks so much for hanging out with us!

Brittney Salter | DHN-TV

The band has been dropping sneak peeks of their upcoming record, Aggressive.

Make sure to pre-order the album here before June 3rd, and catch them on the road with Stray From The Path.



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Digital Hype Interview With Beartooth

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