Joe Jonas’ New Band DNCE Explain The Meaning Of The Name


The Jonas Brothers grew into a huge phenomenon, gaining love from many girls all over the world. They have been known to put on show-stopping concerts along with meet-and-greets for their fans, however, after Nick, Joe and Kevin broke the bad news, they have, for the most part, all gone their separate ways.

Joe Jonas has gone on to create music with his new band, DNCE after splitting from the Jonas Brothers, and they appear to be a big hit.

During an interview with Nylon magazine, Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless revealed the real meaning of their name and sent a message to the Jonas Brothers fans of the past.

“DNCE is dance without an A, which is not a perfect word, but you also don’t have to be a perfect dancer to dance. Life is never perfect, but you can still enjoy it,” said Lee.

The DNCE name seems pretty self-explanatory, actually.


Jonas explained his career shift, saying, “For a lot of musicians that walk into a new band, it’s a challenge. You want to create something that fans of your past can enjoy, but you have to be selfish and say this is music for me and I want to have freedom as an artist. But I’m happy if someone wants to listen to my new music who used to listen to the Jonas Brothers. Come along for the ride.”

In the mean time, Nick Jonas is venturing out as a solo artist and Kevin Jonas is busy with his wife Danielle and baby Alena.

Nick previously dished some details on the breakup and admitted that he took full responsibility for the split. He explained, when they came back together “some things changed” and it was “a real struggle to find our identity again as a group.”

However, Nick went on to explain that he didn’t want to be a one-hit wonder either and wanted to do his own thing before it got too late.

“At 21, I was not gonna be washed up. That was not an option,” said Nick, whose career is taking off as a solo artist and actor.

The oldest Jonas, Kevin previously gave his side of the story and although there aren’t a lot of new details, it’s nice to hear all the boys feel that family comes first.

“Being able to play shows and travel together was great, but then once at the end there, the friction was too much and we just really needed to break away and kind of do out own things for some time,” said Kevin, who is now married with a daughter. “I think that’s why we’re close now, because we’ve not in the band.”

Kevin admitted that the boys constantly butted heads while working together and being a family, which is why they “chose to be a family, not a band.”

Love or hate the new DNCE tunes?

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Joe Jonas’ New Band DNCE Explain The Meaning Of The Name

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