Martin Shkreli : He May Not Be Such A Bad Guy After All

What do you think about when you hear the name Martin Shkreli?

Chances are you are either shaking your head with destaining rejection or you have no idea who the hell we’re talking about. From his run in with the FBI and the Securities Exchange Commission, his impromptu purchase of a $2million Wu-Tang Clan album and the subsequent twitter beef with Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah to proposing to purchase Kanye West’s album for $10million, to overpricing a life saving drug — there is not much room left for a benefit of the doubt — when filtered through television screens bearing logos of mass media news outlets in their bottom right corners looping back-to-back video clips of Mr. Shkreli’s condescendingly sententious demeanour. But, is there more to the story that we are not being fed? We’ll let you decide.

In this episode of our new series, we ‘FocusOn’ Martin Shkreli.

Martin Shkreli, FocusOn, Focus On, Dhntv,, Dhn-tvIf you’ve heard anything about the 4-5k% price increase on a life-saving drug, Martin Shkreli is the name behind it all. If you have turned on the news at any point in the last few months you may have heard the headlines streaming a slew of negative media surrounding an investigation by the FBI on Shkreli for federal securities fraud. While he maintains his innocence of the criminal act, prosecutors claim he looted his former pharma company Retrophin to pay off investors that he was suspected of previously defrauding in a hedge fund he ran. We are not debating the validity of these claims which will surface during the trial.

However, with mass media news outlets and websites periodically taking aim at the story, it appears that some irresponsible bias media practices have once again taken root in exploiting the low hanging fruit of a red-hot headline-worthy topic rather than presenting the full unfiltered story. All too often, we in the media, take pride in blindly bearing the title of journalism while being hoodwinked and fueled by ratings, views and adding column inches, regardless of the ethics involved in our journalistic pieces. This trap has far reaching consequences beyond that of the reputation of our subject in our video or editorial pieces.

As founder of DHN-TV (@RickyDiaz), it is my contention that we have a responsibility to you, our readers and viewers. We must maintain the highest standard of integrity and values and present all sides of every story — not just the side that paints the best picture for an audience of eager viewers.

As far as DHN-TV is concerned, Martin Shkreli, dispite the predetermined views one has imposed on his character, deserves as much of an ethically responsible journalism piece as any subject — as do our viewers. Hence our inclusion of his story in our new series FocusOn.

What are your thoughts on Martin Shkreli?

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Martin Shkreli : He May Not Be Such A Bad Guy After All

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