New Metal Music To Look Out For

New Metal Music To Look Out For, metal music, dhn-tv,, dhntv, suicide silence

New Metal Music To Look Out For: Suicide Silence

While I can not fully confirm this information, the above picture was posted, along with the accompanying hashtag #SuicideSilence2016, on Suicide Silence‘s Facebook page certainly appears to be pointing the finger at the fact that the group is working with famed producer Ross Robinson (who has worked with the famed bands Slipknot and Korn). Robinson was recently working with the band Red Fang in the studio, there is no word if that session has wrapped up yet.


New Metal Music To Look Out For, metal music, dhn-tv,, dhntv, Evey Time I die

New Metal Music To Look Out For: Every Time I Die

When Every Time I Die‘s guitarist Andy Williams isn’t causing havoc in the ring, he’s getting ready to hit the studio with the band! Every Time I Die will start heading out to record their new album sometime within the next week, and according to older social media posts from the group, there are around 16 songs written for the album. Meaning this is going to be a really long grind-core record – or there’ll be plenty of b-sides to be tossed around, post-release.


New Metal Music To Look Out For, metal music, dhn-tv,, dhntv, The Dillinger Escape Plan

New Metal Music To Look Out For: The Dillinger Escape Plan

As far as I know, The Dillinger Escape Plan is recording its follow-up to 2013’s ‘One of Us Is Tthe Killer’, and we know that it’s going to be a creepy and dark record. The guitarist of the group Ben Weinman has made it clear that their new stuff is definitely dark in an interview with the BBC. We can expect this album to be at least as dark and as weird as their old albums, specifically, when the band has worked with Mike Patton between vocalists.

“This one’s definitely… I mean it’s Dillinger, there’s always like a potpourri of textures that go on…”

Weinman continues, “It’s all over the spectrum. I haven’t even heard what Greg‘s doing on it yet. He’s out in California just working on it on his own. But musically it’s been written over a span of like two years. And I’d say there’s some weirder moments on it. I feel like it’s a little bit more in the realm of the Irony Is A Dead Scene EP or maybe “Ire Works“. I think we’re probably going to release it in a more interesting way than we have in the past, we’re not sure, probably try to do it not too traditionally.”

All of this sounds amazing for the up and coming year and I can’t wait to head-bang with the rest of you to everyone’s new album!


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New Metal Music To Look Out For

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