An Open Letter On Politics: What Everyone Is Scared To Say

Look Left. Look Right. Both are idiots.

Before I begin, allow me to offer you a piece of mind that this is neither a post for nor against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz etc. This post is merely an open letter on politics from a 27-year-old Puerto Rican businessman, entrepreneur and political youth activist who isn’t bound by any red or blue predetermined political agendas, media ratings or column inches. With that being said, this is my open letter on politics.

As Donald Trump and the remaining candidates prepare to step on the stage for yet another debate, the nation awaits another hostile-driven quotable moment. These debates aren’t nearly as hostile as a Trump really, however. With the violence, rushing of stages, protesting gone awry, riots and emotions boiling over, it won’t be long — at this rate — before a potential tragedy strikes.

Whether this potential tragedy take the form of the death of a protester, supporter, a police officer, or the assassination of Trump himself (God forbid all of the above)… the moment is rapidly approaching upon us with each rally, each protest and each viral media piece that circles in a looping continuum. Let me be the first to say what everyone has been thinking — the nation is perfectly poised for a civil war.

I say this without exaggeration or hyperbole meant for ratings. I say this because the social, economic and racial ingredients have long been present, and are now being mixed together in a volatile amalgam. You are witnessing the early makings of a historical pivot point in this nation. The divide is bold, the lines are drawn deep in the sand and the parties are divided on each side, now more than ever.

To the Republican Party:

As we, as a nation, gather around the television and watch the Republican party, as we’ve known it to be, taking its last breath, let us remember what led to this point.

When the nation as a whole allow a party that has grown increasingly radical, to unwaveringly allow the nation to suffer time and time again rather than choosing to stand united… what did we expect, really?

When the GOP’s ‘top political priority’ was to deny President Barack Obama a second term, what did you expect, really? That kind of sabotage could never stand the test of time.

To the Democratic Party:

As we, as a nation, gather around the television and watch the Democratic party, as we’ve known it to be, clamber to reclaim the power they once had, let us remember what led to this point.

It’s no secret that the Democratic party is a young person’s party. The ideals they stand for echo in the minds of the youth. It is for that reason we elected Obama with countless droves of votes. However, the youth-spirited Democratic party is just as guilty as their Republican counterparts of partisan bickering, within their own party. When victoriously being elected as region director in the Young Democrats last year, I saw first hand just how corrupt, counterfeit and contentious the Florida Young Democrats (FYD) leadership was. It is for that reason I disassociated myself with such a fraudulent organization as the FYD, and its leaders. It’s not just Washington folks… it is systemically found anywhere an ignorant mind can be spotted or a dense voice can be heard drowning out an enlightened one.

To everyone else:

If you are still lost on where the lion’s share of the culpability rest, allow me to clarify moreover. It rest with the extremist Republican party, the passive aggressive Democratic party, greedy corporations, greedier politicians, misleadingly disingenuous major media outlets, and the millions of clock-pushing oblivious US citizens that choose to allow their nation to get to this point because “their vote doesn’t count”

Whether the elections are rigged, predetermined and out of our control, or not, does not give anyone of us an excuse to remain silent as we are being ushered to the slaughter house as a nation.

Anyone can protest. Few can offer solutions.

I am a strong believer in cultivating opportunities for solutions to problems rather than just being a mouthpiece. A voice without action is just more noise — or more eloquently put in James 2:17 (NIV), “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

This is why I established Startin’ New one year ago.

dhntv, dhn-tv,, ricky diaz, An Open Letter On Politics“It is with great pleasure that I announce the launching of the Startin’ New website. This social action movement presents a chance for ambitious citizens, both young millennials and adults, eager to foster change without the current grid-locking political divide, to come together and join efforts to better themselves, our community and our country.”

— Ricardo Diaz, founder of (2015)

We can break free from the shackles of RED or BLUE political titles and agendas that lead us nowhere fast, and unite together for genuine advancement. Or, we can sit back on our couches and continue watching as it all disintegrates and point fingers at one another when it’s all over.

It’s time for a real (peaceful and effective) revolution. Speak up!

Sincerely, an Open Letter On Politics,
@Ricky Diaz

Are you sick of partisan politics?

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An Open Letter On Politics: What Everyone Is Scared To Say

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